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Scenarios RPG where hopeless and emotional "Beautiful Girl x Zombies" draw by popular writer "PRISONER"!
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Aug 12, 2022
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Scenarios RPG where hopeless and emotional “Beautiful Girl x Zombies” draw by popular writer “PRISONER”!
The first part of the main story published in August 2016 is completed in february 2021 and the second part begins in May 2021.

▼ Part 2 Overview

■ Hell just for girls from here
The world 10 years after the epidemic of virus outbreak at Hannah New Town─
The story of the second part begins with the stage of what is set in Honshu, Japan.
Japan lost almost everything in Honkai due to the zombie apocalypse 10 years ago.
We have enacted a new capital, Shinto Kyo, in Kyushu to somehow protect the people’s survival territory.

The UN agency “The Solar Agency” was founded to reclaim the main state from the zombies.
The girl soldiers who are specially trained as anti-zombie troops are called “Valcure”.

The story of the second part is told by the perspective of the two main characters involved in this “Valkyur” and the “Zombies”.
Stay tuned as the stories of the two are intricately intertwined and at times clashing with each other.

■ Characters

・Kill rate earth (CV: Red﨑 Chi summer)
・Sweet Sweet Baby Girl-Sweet Baby Girl-(CV: Ai Kakan)
・Escape and Flying-Cucumber Toppica-(CV: Shiori Izumaki)
・ Yufuin Tsubasa-Yufuin Tsumomi-(CV: Aimi Tana)
・Tea Castle Neon Sound-Chef Cat? -CV: Ito Masami
・Parphe of Regard-(CV: Marina Inoue)
・Hiyaki umbrella umbrella-kisaki akisako-(cv: otohara sayaka)
-Kiyagi Fighting Fighting-Komobiemon-(CV: Sriho Shiro)
・Kaihuna Tsuyusumu-Kibanana Tsu full of Friends -(CV: Akira Fukuya)
・Hinashin Gate Tamaban-Hinamikan Tamayura-(CV: Oh Saki)
・Ai Crown Reichi-Ai tapp Rei-
・Ki Friends Kito-Kiki Emi-
・Yuriza Garmesia-(CV:96 Cat)
・Jigsaw Kitatsu-KISHIDO HITHI-(CV: Hiroshi Noaki)
・Sashika Mei-

▼ Part 1 Overview

◆Infection, Multiplication… The Extreme Story◆
In 21XX, the Haha New Town in the populated island in Tokyo Bay is infested with a highly infectious and super toxic virus.
People are turning zombies one by one.
Only women of certain ages escaped the infection and survived a little.
In a world where only “Girls” survived, a “boy” of memory loss has appeared, the only survivor.
A boy who has lost its memory, and girls who are fighting to survive have to uncover the truth behind!
Adventure RPG from “Beautiful Girl x Zombie” written by a popular writer “PRISONER”!

In-game stories are more than 2 500 000 characters including event scenarios!
Unexpected development awaits spectacular reading imagination.

◆If you get hurt, the body virus will infiltrate, and you will get a fleeting “infected battle”◆
The girls who are fighting for their life are infected with a zombie attack.
With each injury, your infection increases and you become in danger!
However, the girls become more powerful as they get more infected!
The only player that can control the “infection level”. Dominate the infestation and win the battle!

◆ Survived “Girls” ◆

A team of more than 30 gorgeous voice actors show off their unique girls who are going to face zombies!
In the extreme world of death, the fate awaits the girls…
Main Story Character
・ Hisashikusukiaki-Hisashigi Kuruzuma- (CV: Ami Kyoshi)
・Barrel Godname Ad-Tar Everything-(CV: Ami Numura)
・Megumi Hyouku-Megumi-(CV: Nao Higashi mountain)
・Sweet spelling-Amama spelling-(CV: Chika Akaaki)
・Three lonely sounds-Miyaki Ayane-(CV: Yukana)
・Yaru Yaruto-Hyoyo Yachi-
・ Beehive and honeycombs-(CV: Aaya Endo)
・Princess Princess Chikiko-Rutiko Himeka-(CV: Sayaka Ohara)

◆”Characteristics” of Characters◆
Each of the girls has their own powerful weapons, skills and unique abilities
Earn experience points to level up and a certain item will increase your rank (evolve) and change your appearance.
Assemble a party of abilities and win battles to reach the core of the story!

◆Create “Equipment Group”◆
Use materials collected during battle to craft weapons like swords, chainsaws, bow and arrows and bazookas, armors, uniforms, white suits and battle suits! Every girl’s club activities can be equipped differently.

◆(Succession of “RNA”)◆
The item “RNA” can be housed in the girl, so that the girl can develop special abilities.
There are over 2000 combinations of DNA and girl, such as “certain rate of HP recovery”, “item drop rate increase by 10%”, “infection skill increase by 50%”, and so on!
DNA acquired from strong enemies will become a valuable war power.
And if you “merge” them with each other, you can reveal new DNA!

◆”Infected Battle System” with danger and neighbors◆
When the girls are attacked by zombies, they get infected with a virus, and the more they receive an attack, the higher their infection level,
Your body is dyed dangerously…

◇Infection Control ◇
As a player, you can “reduce” the infection of the girl. However, as much as it drops, the other girls’ infectivity increases.
… The act of saving a single girl has to overcome the fight against zombies as you become frustrated by the dangers of putting the girls around you in danger.

◇Infection Skills◇
Each of the girls has their own unique “skills”.
It is called an “infected skill” because the power of the skill increases proportionally to the degree of infection.
Powerful 3 stage.
Activating a skill will reset your infectivity and avoid the “onset”, but sometimes you need a high level skill to overcome a strong enemy.
It’s up to the player to avoid the risks and activate the skills immediately, in detail, or to activate the powerful skills in exchange for the risk of an “onset”.

◇It’s virus onset◇
When the girl’s infect count reaches the maximum (limited value), the virus becomes “onset”.
The sick girl is lost, and she loses her ego and attacks the player with her fangs.
There is no other way to stop the attack but to hurt and kill that girl who has been fighting together.

Sometime, a’Break’ will happen during the battle!? When a Break breaks, you can turn the tables on the rest of the Zombies.

◆Challenging difficulty and get more rewards! “Limited time quest and training quest” ◆
Apart from story quests where you defeat battles and progress through your main story, there are limited-time quests and breeding quests with a huge variety of modes!

◇Time-limited Quest◇
Mode where battle is different in certain conditions

◇Training Quest◇
A Raising Mode where you can get Characters and equipment reinforcements

◇Raid Battles◇
Mode for users to cooperate and fight against “Powerful BOSS”

You can exchange “exclusive items” earned during limited-time quests and training quests for special items at “Black City”!
Higher difficulty, bigger rewards!

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