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Game background:
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Oct 11, 2022
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Game background:
In 2043 AD, the last human world war broke out, and the terrifying Z virus was dropped into the war. Subsequently, the Z virus spread to the world, and more than 99% of humans died of the plague, but this is only the beginning. The people who had died got up again, they were no longer humans, and became zombies that devoured living people. There are even more beasts infected with the virus, becoming the overlord of the world, ruling this dark world. Where should the survivors go? As a heroic zombie hunter, can you save mankind?

Game introduction:
This is a fun hero shooting game . Players act as a hero shooter to clear out the zombies in the city. It is divided into multiple levels and regions gradually deepening. The game operation is simple but has a certain degree of skill, which requires players to move and use skills reasonably. Players need to continuously strengthen their skills in the game, evolve characters, pets and guns, and obtain equipment in the dungeon. Finally ,you will challenge the powerful monster bio-Tyrant in the doomsday.

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BGM: Darkling Skies License: CC by 4.0 , by indie musician Jelsonic.
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