Dark Lord: Evil Kingdom Sim (MOD, Unlimited money)

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Welcome to the Dark Lord mobile game - an exciting mixture of simulator, strategy and offline RPG with quests and card mechanics and epic adventure.
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Undead Fox Games
Nov 29, 2022
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Welcome to the Dark Lord mobile game – an exciting mixture of simulator, strategy and offline RPG with quests and card mechanics and epic adventure.
You are doomed to become the greatest Dark Lord of all times, the mighty ruler of the strongest evil kingdom and the savior of all the humble servants and creatures of the night!

Congratulations on the awakening, Your Majesty!

You’ve been asleep for so long, but your loyal servants are here for you! Unfortunately, your great empire now lies in ruins, all the riches are stolen, majestic grim lands are covered with the annoyingly lush gardens, beautiful graves are turned into human villages… and even the Castle of the Sorrow is now called the Tower of Light… Unacceptable! But we swear to rebuild everything from scratches, gather the most powerful army and bring redemption to those filthy creatures with your wisdom and generous leadership. All hail the Dark Lord!

Game Features:
evil kingdom ruler simulation
tons of quests and rewards
non-linear gameplay
hard moral choices with real consequences
hand-drawn graphics in dark fantasy style
dark, dark humor

Exciting evil kingdom ruler simulation
All the routines of kings and queens will be available for you! Hateful assassins, poisoned dinners, fraught negotiations and hard decisions – everything’s at your service! Do you like online RPG or offline RPG games? Try it now!

Tons of quests and rewards
Great rulers dream big. As the greatest Dark Lord of all times and spaces you will have a great amount of different quests and goals. Some of them may affect the story and some – the whole kingdom itself!

Non-linear gameplay
Only you choose the way of action! Use devastating magic, mighty army or the pure power of evil, consult with your advisers, imprison lords and heroes. It’s up to you how to raise the dark kingdom from ruins!

Simulator gameplay with really hard moral choices
Each action has consequences and you can’t foretell them all. Should you save a witch that helps people with her magic? Will dark creatures of the night support you in exchange for your greatest secrets? Is the cake a lie? Dive into the epic adventure!

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
Our artists took inspiration from the greatest dark fantasy RPG offline and online games and simulators, books and films.

Dark, dark humor
Governing an empire has never been easy, just like existing in real life. Luckily our games are filled with humor. Some kind of, at least. Dark creatures have their own sense of fun, you know.

You are the Dark Lord and it’s time to dominate the world! Fulfill wicked quests, defeat the powers of light and maintain your dreadful reign. Mighty counsellors will help you but beware their treachery. Keep balance between the might of your army, the power of your magic, the wealth of your treasury and the fear you inflict.

Start the daily routine of the evil deeds and may the darkness prevail! Your adventure awaits!

We look forward to welcoming the mightiest Dark Lord simulator on our humble social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dark-Lord-107197871860192/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dark_lord_playcore/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dark_Lord_Game
Discord: https://discord.gg/D2mEC6vVW8

What's new

- Some small fixes



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