SIX.A Raider Mission v MOD APK (Mega Menu)


We've formed SIX.A's Discord community. welcome to join in Construction and Communication:
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Nov 14, 2022
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We’ve formed SIX.A’s Discord community. welcome to join in Construction and Communication:

– SIX.A Raider Mission, an entertaining shooter with innovative gameplay fighting for Gold and survival, is one of the best multiplayer shooters around.
-Land on this isolated island in a personalized glider and explore the island to collect loot, with dozens of players competing in a realistic battlefield experience!
– Put on your most extraordinary equipment and bring your supplies, either solo or in teams. Fight on the front line, battle mutated monsters, hunt for treasure, dance the night away and finally board the evacuation plane to extract victoriously with your loot!
– Now let’s dive into this island full of opportunities and dangers!

-Fight for your survival and Gold
Enjoy the adrenaline rush of a tense confrontation? This is the ideal battlefield for you. Whether you’re armed to the teeth to enjoy your advantages in battle or armed with a dagger and hoping to succeed in a sneak attack, fighting is always the fastest way to get rich. In this world, people strike Gold or lose everything they own in a moment.

Choose from dozens of characters. You can be a warrior from the future, a street dancer or a coldblooded mob boss; immerse yourself into the character you’re playing as.

Choose from hundreds of weapons, from sniper rifles to assault rifles to melee weapons; the choice of being a sniper elite or a melee god of war is yours.

-Unique Strategies
On an enormous battlefield with dozens of players, you’re free to choose where to land. You can fight your opponents head-on, pick up treasure chests and stay low to develop yourself, or capture bosses and see your power skyrocket. But don ‘t forget, successfully extracting with your spoils of war is the true purpose of this battle.

-Arm yourself
Improving the chances of a successful extraction will result in more loot. A good option is to use the loot to strengthen your weapon or character. You can choose the strongest equipment before the battle starts, and you can also bring it into the battle with an item pack, customize your load out and lock and load!

-Free trading amongst the players
Players are free to sell the loot they bring out of the battlefield and can even trade as traders. You can buy equipment to strengthen yourself or sell unused items to other players, and everyone will benefit from the trade.


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